August Alsina Reflects On His Recovery: “We’re All Living To Die”


August Alsina shares photographs that present how he seems right now and what he seemed like when he was battling his autoimmune illness final yr.

As the general public waits for Jada Pinkett Smith to tug up these chairs to the crimson desk, August Alsina is taking time to mirror on simply how far he is come within the final yr. The 27-year-old singer not too long ago shared his The Product III: State of Emergency album with the world, a venture that was a very long time coming for followers. Yet, for Alsina it was a serious accomplishment contemplating only one yr in the past he believed that he was knocking on demise’s door.

Michael Buckner / Staff / Getty Images

The singer has beforehand shared his highway to restoration after being hospitalized attributable to issues related to his autoimmune illness. For a second, August Alsina even misplaced the flexibility to stroll, so he is eternally grateful to be within the place that he’s now. The singer shared a sequence of photographs exhibiting what a distinction a yr makes and included a prolonged caption about his journey.

“Me this year VS Me this time last year!.. 😂😤A nigxa was bouta kick the bucket lol. I’ve tasted and toyed w/ death, therefore I want to live a life purposeful, w/ intention, & no regret,” Alsina wrote. “One thing that’s certain is we are all living to die. Death, we should fear not! Fear being alive, while dying & being dead inside; so create the life you see fit for yourself.”

Read via his message in full under.


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