50 Cent Praises Pop Smoke & Shares Why He “Fell In Love With The N*gga”


50 Cent hopped on Instagram Live to speak about why he admired the late Pop Smoke and touched on government producing his posthumous album.

Everyone else hit up Instagram Live on Tuesday (March 24), so 50 Cent determined to throw his hat within the ring. The rap mogul performed a couple of old style jams whereas viewers tuned in, and naturally, Fif plugged his alcohol manufacturers unashamedly. During the Live session, 50 Cent took a while to speak concerning the late Pop Smoke and shared a reminiscence of the 20-year-old that impressed him.

Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer / Getty Images

“See, Pop Smoke, that was one of my favorites. I liked that n*gga, man. I swear to God, I like that n*gga man,” 50 Cent stated. “I met him. We was talking, and I was like, yo. I’m watching him, right. He keep playing with his phone. These little n*ggas play with they phone all the time. I’m like yo, what the f*ck is wrong with this n*gga?”

Fif was getting a bit irritated as a result of Pop Smoke was this telephone nonstop, however realized that Pop was writing down every little thing that he was saying. “I said, ‘Oh sh*t,'” Fif recalled. “See it’s a difference between a n*gga copying you. That’s not copying. He never copied one f*cking thing from me. He just looked at it, he saw what was good in it. It influenced him, and he was doing his own thing with it. I fell in love with the n*gga at that point.”

He continued to reward Pop Smoke for being attentive to a veteran giving him some recreation. 50 Cent additionally touched on government producing Pop’s posthumous album and what followers can count on from it. Swipe by beneath to hearken to 50 Cent share reminiscences about Pop Smoke, discuss his ideas on hip hop’s youth tradition’s incapacity to articulate what they are going by, and drop some gems on his Instagram Live.


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